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Vendana Shiva

Vendana Shiva is a controversial figure. Her stance against GMOs has received a lot of criticism but I appreciated some of the things she said, such that we could boycott Coke a Cola to send a message! The corporations are merging, giving us fewer targets to oppose! Her scarf looked totally cool and was a fun challenge to draw.

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Ecosexuality with Annie Sprinke and Beth Stephens

These two sex positive environmentalist activists came to Eugene to share photos of their journey and tell us about ecosexuality. There was lots of laughter! Thank you As You Like It for bringing these interesting public speakers.

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Bernie Sanders

I saw Bernie speak in island park in Springfield Oregon. It was so inspiring! There have been a few socialist heroes such as Eugene Debs, Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, and the other day I got to be a part of history and see senator Sanders deliver his heart -warming message! He said that people have called him crazy for dreaming too much, for “out there” ideas, but we need wild ideas to change the status quo, an economy that works only for the top one percent! Bernie isn’t admitting defeat. He brings huge crowds and has inspired many people who have felt disillusioned with politics to become democrats to vote in the primary. Whether or not he becomes president, his message is getting out to millions, inspiring a new generation to enter politics and fight for the 99% of us who aren’t millionaires! Here is a video of the event, but he has given so many speeches lately, and they are mostly all great.

There were many children, teens, and women present. I only saw a few people of color, but the crowds were very enthusiastic. 

This was a big crowd! Some sources say four thousands, others eight thousand.

Members of the press.

I went to see Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul when they came to Fairbanks Alaska, and this was much more exciting.
Then finally, just to be silly, I made a Bernie sanders out of play dough.

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Reveca Torres, Backbones, reinventing the wheel

Backbones is a site with resources for people living with disabilities such as spinal chord injuries. These people appreciate being included, invite them to events, make sure your facilities and events are accessible to people with disabilities. Don’t leave anyone out! Don’t do it because if you don’t you could get sued, do it because you are human and they are human and everyone has something to contribute.
REINVENTING THE WHEEL is an art show featuring people who live in wheelchairs living their lives. Being athletes, poets, artists, lovers, humans! I know it’s cliche to call such art “inspirational,” but it was an honest, beautiful show. Reveca Torres told us her life story and how she’s been able to be a fashion designer despite her disability. 


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Ted Rall

Political cartoonist, hero, despised liberal, journalist and funny guy Ted Rall visited the Eugene Public Library to tell us about his new book, “Snowden.” Here I drew him like he’s a superhero on the cover of a marvel comic book.

 Snowden is one of the most fascinating figures of modern times and I’m excited to read Ted’s new book. He was accused of racism for depicting Obama as “ape like” ( more here). He was fired from the LA times for disparaging (though true) comments about the Los Angeles police.( you can read more about that here)

 Here are some of my favorites of his cartoons.

On the back of his book are some quotes by such luminaries as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

“Ted Rall just does things to upset people so his name will get in the paper.” – Ann Coulter

Whoops, Ann sounds like you are talking about yourself.

“What is sad is that such an imbecile and such an ignoramus ends up as a prominent cartoonist in major newspapers.” – Rush Limbaugh

Rush, it takes a lot of hard work to be published in many newspapers! No one listens to imbeciles, well, except for you. Some of ralls critics say, in addition to being hurtful, mean spirited and rude, he CANT draw. I disagree? His art is economical, utilizes stereotypes and sometimes, like here, shows detail and understanding of perspective. Sure, his heads are generic and Picasso-esque, but the communicate effectively a message, and that’s what s important in cartoons.


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