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Osprey Flies the Nest 

This Eugene band plays charming folk rock with real touching lyrics about yoga, community, friendship and compassion! Some songs were just Osprey and their drum, others were a full band with guitar bass and keys. They aren’t sure about their name yet, so it might change. You can hear some of the songs here.

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Body Language

Body Language is a modern disco/ electronic dance band from Hartford, Connecticut.

100_3756body They rocked at Cozmic Pizza this week! Zow! Its fun to hear processed vocals in a live show! But where is the guitar!?100_3754

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I have heard Jake and Amanda play a few times before at open mics, but this was the first time I have seen them with their whole band. Wow, the harmonies, the fiddle, stand up bass! Amazing melodies and charming songs.  They play later this month at Grrlz rock events, though their calendar isn’t updated to show that.

100_3641 100_3643 100_3645

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Big Mama Lele, The Daughters Rea

The Daughters Rea put on a fun, quirky indie folk show, a nice mix of covers and originals, never taking themselves too seriously. 100_2748 100_2750 100_2754


Big Mama Lele played at Cozmic for their “draw night” artists draw musicians! its like what I do at every show I attend, and they keep the lights on and encourage it. She played all her classics, and “Montreal Boys” was a big hit, but she changed it to Portland boys.


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