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Netherfriends, Angry Young and Poor and more!

We fondly remember wonderful music and memories, Angry YOung and Poor has come to an end again. Though disappointing that Work and Sauy Yoda both canceled, amazing performances from Zingaro, Radioactivists, Netherfriends, Kizmet and the Phineas Gage more than made up for it.

Kizmet was really wonderful. Folk minimalism, two part harmonies and beat boxing. Reminds me of one of my favorite bands Coco Rosie.

Dante is a furiously talented Ukulele Player who tours Alaska. I saw him at Trapper Creek and at the Pub in Fairbanks. He plays swing and jazzy originals. he wasn’t at AYP, i just happened to find a drawing I made of him.

Pretty Birds that Kill: also didn’t play, but here is a drawing of them. 🙂

Hannah Corral: my hero, here she is rocking a guitar at Ivory Jacks with the Ba’Cuntry Bruthers

Jackie Chan!! a reunion of Three Chord Ho! Kendra, Jody and Amanda. they played a three song set, I don’t think any of them were old 3 Chord Ho! songs.

Unsupervised played rock covers, they are playing the fair too 8:30 August 8.

Netherfriends: now just one member Shawn Rosenblatt. Awesome new material, guitar scales sound vaguely Asian. He was once such a sweet, sentimental pop act, the new stuff is darker but highly enjoyable.

Freddie Fingas played a face melting set early in the day including “the star spangled Banner”

Radioactivists are super amazing! Delightful pop rock with a very talented lead guitarist named Dhani. He doesn’t play like a teenage kid, he plays like an experienced old blues guy. Eli their bass player sang two songs he had written, both were impassioned and fantastic!
It was truly inspiring to see young musicians playing so well! I thoroughly enjoyed them. They are playing again (and for the last time? as members are leaving to college)  on July 20 at College Coffee house, and then as a three piece at the fair Friday August 10 at noon.

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