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Trapper Creek Music and Arts Fest ’13

I drew people and things at Trapper Creek. I played as a 3 piece band, Bernie Bousa on drums and James Brookes on Bass. we played songs from the new album, and some paper scissors classics.


I also drew lots of people and things. Here are some of my drawings.

100_2489 100_2467

the sound booth

the sound booth

The Stage

The Stage

End of the Road  Coffee

End of the Road Coffee

I submit these as evidence that beautiful girls are not the only things I draw.

The gutter Shieks (one member not pictured)

The gutter Shieks (one member not pictured)

I didn’t draw the other member because I already drew him and when He takes a photo of the drawing that he took from me and emails it to me i will post it here.

Unicorn Justice. (that's not the name of the band)

Unicorn Justice. (that’s not the name of the band)

This cute band was led by ANgie, but Hunter played some 90s covers- “for the kids” including Soul Coughing (yes!)

girls at trappercreek

Jo the Coffee Girl

Jo the Coffee Girl

redheadcutie Angie of Unicorn justice

Angie from Unicorn Justice

I also got a chance to seeĀ “the No Chance Charlies” a very kooky band made up of nearly all of the members of the Overby Family Band, but they are dressed in dresses, heels, makeup and flirt with the audience more. I do prefer the Overby’s set, because the clarinet and trombone were so fun, but I can understand wanting to mix it up. I played with a band so as to not repeat the same performance from the May Trapper Creek.

Of course, Slaughter Daughters, Saucy Yoda, Corrine Rose and The Phineas Gage put on fantastic shows.

I even got to play a little with Jake from Goat Rodeo at the second stage.

Now I am off to Eugene. I hope to play some music there, maybe it will be in the cards to travel to Seattle, Portland, Bend and ?? to play shows there. If you know of somewhere I could play, or a library where I could do a comics workshop, please let me know!

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Trapper Creek Photos


Trapper Creek Bluegrass fest has come and gone again.
I played to many appreciative teenagers who don’t usually get to see shows like mine as they are in bars. Please people, help me get more all ages shows. Teens love the live comics.


Ukulele Russ played Friday night, His fun mix of TV show themes, 70s rock covers and wacky originals played with plenty of wah wah entertained the crowd. It was nice to hear him play with Pat the Rat, an excellent bass player.

supersaturated copy

The super saturated sugar strings play strange wonderful music that combines jazz and classical with pop and rock, with a bit of gypsy, circus, prog and the kitchen sink thrown in. They have a ridiculously talented keyboard player and the frontman and her play a drumset together, on top of that they have a cellist and a violinist. I was told this was a hot act and they didn’t disappoint. They were also kind enough to give me a cd, I hope I can someday play a show with them.

overby family

The Overby Family hail from Sutton and played charming old timey music, covers of Hank Williams and others that I recognized but have no idea who wrote. The Clarinet and Trombone sure added a vaudeville, jazzy flavor. All three girls sing harmonies and have such expressive faces. This is an act to see live. They should be on TV… golly, those smiles were bigger in real life. They will play again at the Granite Creek Festival in June.


Tara played her hits as well as classics from Dolly Parton and the Texas meat Perveyors with a crowd on stage with her including Kat from the sugar strings and members of The Goat Rodeo. She brought the house down with an absurd closer that got everyone singing along, “Feliz Navidad.” Can I request “Mele Kalikimaka” for next year?


There are always fire jugglers at the festival courtesy of the Alaska Fire circus.


Big Mama Lele and her Juicy Jugs hails from the Yukon where she worked as a sexual health educator, she plays ukulele and sings songs filled with innuendo and a lot of heart. She is playing Angry Young and Poor and Clucking Blossom.

There were also great performances from The Austin Steamers, but I was too tired to draw them. I just stared as they played the fastest bluegrass I ever saw, and watched the smoke waft off their fingers.
Alas, I missed performances from Saucy Yoda and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt as well as anyone else who played on Sunday, but I look forward to August where we get to do it all again, and try to stay dry.

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