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A sleepy little beach town. Few tourists come here so there aren’t the quantity of bars and curio shops we have seen in the other towns. It’s mostly Fishermen, biologists and locals who have many generations here.

We came upon a festival, with lantern decorations and people playing music in the streets.

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Trek theatre

There is a theatre troupe in Eugene who puts on episodes of Star Trek as stage plays! Read more about them here!

They asked me to open because I play theremin. So for four performances I did some sci fi poetry and played some music.

Here are my drawings of the cast.

I wasn’t able to draw everyone, some people had very little stage time.


If you are interested in the lyrics to my Star Trek rap, which I will perform this Friday at Nerdlesque at cowfish, here you go!
Mugatu had some wicked horns

the metrons made kirk fight the gorn

after they destroyed the outpost on cestus 3

lursa and btor had a cleavage party

the salt vampire was SCARY

Lazarus was CRAZY

The game made everyone lazy

in the time war fight the ZINDI

wesley crusher was a clever bloke

general changs ship could fire while it was cloaked!

gotta love soren and his crazy theories

arex and mress were only in the animated series

the writers were forbidden to have conflict among the crew

so lets think up some villains to give us something to do

like the apes with spears from taurus 2

romulans, ferengi and klingons too

whats a day at work without a fistfight or two?

the federation is against violence

our mission is peaceful, our goal exploration

we report to our superiors at the space station

we never strike first, not even checkov

but we have been known to kick some ass when someone ticks us off

bog queen had a chilling grace 

 species 8472 was from fluid space.

squire of gothos what a tool

your a spoiled little kid don’t try and play me for a fool

Janice Lester switched bodies with kirk

commander shran was a major jerk

q’s hungry for mischeif

he could eat anything among the stars

but he’s got crow on the menu if he messes with Picard 

look out for data’s evil brother

lava monster horta turned out to be a mother 

they first met the bog when q sent them out far

bastard armus killed Tasha Yar!

The crystalline entity consumes civilizations

omicron theta was a tasty little snack

it was destroyed by dr Marr

who wanted vengeance after an attack

For a peaceful mission, there sure were some epic fights

Repeat after me, there are four lights

If topless robot were still a thing, I’d submit this to impressive acts of nerdery!

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Drink and draw with art city eugene

I made drawings today at art city Eugene! The event was held at Sam Bonds Brewing hosted by Barbara for art city Eugene!

Follow her at.
I did stand up comedy and drew some of the artists as well as the model.



Music was provided by this cool electronic artist, impercept.

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Evan Greer, Ari and her Banjo, Beat Alice

Evan plays intelligent folk music: about unions, the importance of sharing, environmentalism and peace.  They played a Phil Ochs cover, “love me, love me, love me, I’m a liberal.” I have had that song stuck in my head ever since, especially the chilling final line, “now I’m older and wiser, and that’s why I’m turning you in.” Check them out online at  

I enjoyed Ari and her banjo, she is playing at my vaudeville show In April. She plays fingerpick style with great control! Beat Alice was a very confessional and humorous songwriter.

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Ska music: The Toasters, Israelites, the Bandulus, Heavy City, The Longshots

I’m so lucky to live where great musicians play ska music! Here are a few drawings. The Toasters are from New York City. You may have heard their hit,”Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

The Israelites are from Portland, Oregon.


The Longshots are from Eugene and Portland.


Heavy City are from Portland! they have many of the same members as the sentiments, and their drummer organizes a ska big band!


  Here are some pencils for The Bandulus, Heavy City and The Longshots.

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Summer Twins, Pancho +the Factory, VCR

 The Summer Twins play beautiful dream pop. They remind me of Tennis, Shannon and the Clams, She and Him, the Shivas, and the Beach Boys. They were such a tight band, with dynamics and beautiful harmonies! Chelsea can solo impressively, and the whole band plays as a cohesive ensemble.  
VCR play fuzzy power pop, very fun and some amusing stage antics and between song banter. You can tell they really love what they are doing.

Pancho + the Factory were a super enthusiastic party band! Four vocalists! Needs keyboards though. I drew this in pen and I wasn’t happy with the drawing of Jen so I drew her over again. Abbie said, “aw, look how pretty I am!” They dressed up in wild costumes and put on a real fun show. There was a fifties Elvis/rockabilly style to Pancho’s vocals, and a disco vibe to their costumes. Everybody oozed sexuality and the music was pleasantly minimalist, room to breathe. I dug it.


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Kneedalus and Naytronix


I have been drawing many saxophones lately and they are very hard. What I usually do, is just pencil in a rough outline and then “cheat” looking at a photo at home for reference.  

This band was very good. Sounded like the Neville Brothers and Paul Simon sometimes. Check them out online.

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Wil Blades Trio

Wil Blades quartet played us some funky jams at cozmic pizza!


Skerik sounded great on sax.  Simon brought the funk with his phat beats, and Andy played some killer solos and provided a skeletal structure for it all to rest on. Wil uses repetition like a master. Songs are over twelve minutes long, but no complaints when they sound solid from start to finish, with dynamics and a perky, zip-in-your-step feel! They call San Francisco ” home” thought the band is from all over! Check out their tour dates if you like jimmy smith, Medeski Martin and Wood, or… Good, jazz influenced funk jam bands! On this tour they played some David Bowie covers such as “Life on Mars.”


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